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A touch of Indian chic hospitality for the world

August 2017, Sector Focus/Hospitality
India’s Bird Group, which operates the Roseate Hotels and Resorts luxury chain, has ambitions to expand across Europe and the Middle East after its most recent acquisition of a boutique hotel in the UK. Ankur Bhatia, executive director of the group and director, Bird Hospitality Services, tells ‘India Global Business’ about his vision for the industry and what sets his chain apart in the world of hospitality.

How does your latest acquisition in the UK fit in with your global vision?

Roseate Hotels and Resorts is a global collection of unique and independent stay experiences by Bird Hospitality. Villa at Henrietta Park, formerly known as Villa Magdala, in the city of Bath, United Kingdom, is an integral part of our global strategy to offer best-in-class services that are carefully curated envisaging the best in design, art, hospitality, and personalisation centred around guest experience.