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Given the ambivalence of some ASEAN countries to China’s rise and Beijing’s hardnosed strategy of using its financial heft to buy influence across Asia, it is important for democracies like India and Japan to foster cooperation with Vietnam.

It is not very often that New Delhi hosts the Prime Minister and the President of the same country within a span of five weeks. But that’s exactly what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did, inviting Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as one of 10 chief guests – all heads of ASEAN governments – for the Republic Day parade on January 26 and then playing host to that country’s President, Tran Dai Quang, in the first week of March.

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Fuelled by China’s seemingly infinite thirst for resources, Africa’s economy grew at a robust pace last decade. With China slowing down, Africa needs a new partner. Will the Commonwealth fill that gap?

When 19th century American explorer and journalist Henry Morton first used the term dark continent for Africa, he perhaps never thought it would stick with the continent perennially like a shadow. Used initially by European historians, economists, explorers and sociologists alike for their sheer lack of knowledge of the huge land mass, it has become symbolic of the inherent backwardness of the region. Beset with under-development, poverty, stagnation and corruption, Africa is by some distance the poorest continent on the planet — 21 of the poorest 25 countries in the world belong to the continent.

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ASEAN is heavily dependent on China for trade but distrust between the two in South China Sea offers an opening for India to enhance its stature in the region.

Every year, as India celebrates the birth of its Republic in the last week of January, the world watches as the largest democracy shows its mettle as a social, political, cultural and military superpower.

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Asian equations, specially between the two giant economies of China and India will be in focus with the installation of Donald Trump as the 45th US president.

Trump’s belligerent ‘America First’ foreign and commercial policy stance, will in all likelihood, force China to curb its manufactured goods exports to the US, with whom it has a whopping and patently unsustainable trade surplus of nearly half a trillion dollars! It is unlikely that even US MNCs, which have huge export bases in China, could prevail upon Trump to not push back imports from China. This should push Chinese exporters to look for alternate markets during the next five to 10 years, during which China completes its planned switch to greater reliance on domestic consumption. India, with its growing and potentially large domestic markets and long track record of trade deficits, would offer a tempting opportunity for Chinese exporters looking to divert their exports and utilising their installed capacities.

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Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the world’s third most populous city. While its history dates back over 3 millennia, Beijing is known as much for its modernity as its ancient tourist hotspots.

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The underlying mood may be tetchy, but overall India-China relations covered some important ground in 2016.

In 2016, particularly following the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) plenary in Seoul in June, India-China relations became decidedly testy. Several reasons were attributed to this and it is possible all of them had a bearing on the outcome. Critics of the Indian government’s attempt to gain acceptance as a full member of the NSG blamed that motivation. They argued the bid was premature and grossly underestimated the Chinese ability to veto India’s entry, or Beijing’s ability to stand up to a request from Washington DC.

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India will adopt a wait and watch policy on the new US President-elect until there is greater clarity on issues of importance.

The world is still trying to come with a Donald Trump presidency in the US. Pick up any newspaper or switch on any current affairs channel anywhere in the world and the hot topic is what the chief executive-elect of the world’s most powerful country means for (depending on which city you are in) the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Paris Climate Pact, ties with Russia, the war in Syria, the Pivot to the East, immigration and outsourcing.

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Of all the foreign policy challenges facing the Modi government, the one on how to deal with China is, arguably, the most difficult and vexed problem.

China’s rise to the top league of the world’s leading nations has been accompanied by increasing muscle flexing towards it neighbours, with many of which it has unresolved border problems.

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India has lots of ground to cover in the African continent with its own version of economic diplomacy and the New Year will mark another chapter in the India-Africa outreach programme.

The Modi government has made much headway in its outreach to Africa but India still has lots of ground to cover before it can match Beijing’s heft in that continent.