December 2017
In this issue
Manoj Ladwa, Founder & CEO India Inc.
Putting it in Context:
The Big Indian Clean-up
Vinay Dube - Jet Airways
Face to Face:
Indian aviation is growing at enviable numbers
Exclusive with Vinay Dube
CEO, Jet Airways
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India’s top 50 outbound investments of the year
Snapshot 2017:
India’s top 50 outbound investments of the year

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Expert View:
India’s chance to lead the way on climate change
by Baroness Patricia Scotland
Secretary-General, Commonwealth
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The edition to mark the end of 2017 delves into the big clean-up undertaken by the Indian government and some of the early signs of how that is likely to unfold in the New Year. A special Rewind 2017 segment takes a look-back at some of the year’s major ‘India Global Business’ coverage, besides a range of exclusive columns and analyses to kick-start 2018.

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