October 2016
In this issue
Trump vs Clinton
Cover Story:
Trump vs Clinton: Who is likely to be India’s next best friend?
by India Inc. Staff
US Elections:
Running through the Obama legacy: India Inc. Exclusive with Nisha Biswal
US Department of State
Hot Spot:
Flanders accelerates India toward bright, high-tech future
Sector Focus
Does Indian IT get a fair deal?
Interview with R. Chandrasekhar
President, NASSCOM

This time ‘India Global Business’ gets up close with one of the biggest political developments of the year – the US Elections 2016. As the Trump vs Clinton battle edges towards D-Day on November 8, we analyse who is the more likely India friend. A Sector Focus on the Indian IT sector, a Hot Spot feature on Flanders and the usual tracker on India’s global presence make up this edition.

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