May/June 2016
In this issue
Cover Story:
Dancing elephant, prowling dragon
by Arnab Mitra
Robert Madline
Commonwealth Watch:
Bringing India into the Commonwealth fast lane
by Lord Marland, Chairman, CWEIC
Piyush Goyal, Indian Minister of Power
Redefining the India-Africa story India Inc. Interview with Piyush Goyal
Raghuram Rajan, Governor - RBI
India & the World:
Red; Orange; Green: RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan signals time for a global monetary review

In keeping with the ‘India Global Business’ theme of highlighting Indian investment presence across the globe, this edition brings you a special Africa focus. India is now the undisputed fastest growing economy of the world and it is the right time for it to take over the reins of power in its own neighbourhood. Africa, with its vast market and development needs, offers the perfect landscape for India’s own global leadership ambitions.

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